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bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream
  • bb and starscream

bb and starscream

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You may already be aware of my slight obsession with Transformers Generation 2 Dreadwing and Smokescreen. Well the powers that be knew a good thing when they saw it and released the pair of toys three more times! So you know what that means, it's time to review some redecos!

Now this toy is in fact a Sonokong reissue. Sonokong is a company that up until recently, worked with Takara to release their toys in . Korea For the most part Sonokong reissues are said to be equal to the original Takara version in quality One good thing about Sonokong reissues are they are generally cheaper on the aftermarket


So this is BB and Starscream. Originally this particular redeco was slated for release as Generation 2 Megatron and Starscream ATB where the toy would come with glow-in-the-dark missiles. Fortunately this never came to pass as I do not think ol 'BB looks anything like Megatron. A few years later Takara picked up this redeco for another Transformers toy line.


So the only change from these toys and their forebears is the colors. Now we've got black, purple, gray, and yellow. The clear yellow parts are especially vibrant against the shiny black plastic. It's very stealthy. All 14 missiles are done in a sickly, slightly transparent yellow plastic. They're a little malformed too.


Put Dreadwing and BB next to each other and you've got a sweet set of stealth bombers. I do like Dreadwing a little more though. < / p>


Little Starscream is more or less equal to his predecessor in terms of build quality. Although the seams on his upper arms and thighs are more visible.


Check out that righteous Engrish on Starscream's tailfins Sounds like something you put on your pastries


Starscream converts to robot mode with no real issues.


The yellow lightpiping is very vibrant. Starscream also sports a Predacon symbol on his forehead.


< p> Again the colors are a matter of preference.


BB converts into his Stealth Tank mode


BB may be a stealthier Stealth Tank since he's mostly black.


Yeah see? He totally does not look like Megatron.


That yellow lightpiping is again, pretty sweet.


Chunky robots in the house


What's worth buying once is always worth buying again in different colors. Just as any Macross fan.

Now again BB and Starscream are a great set of toys. Both are simple, sturdy, and extremely playable.

Oh and BB and Starscream are from Beast Wars II, making this CollectionDX's first Beast Wars toy review.

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