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This is one of those toys I had a hazy memory of as a child I remember watching TV when I was a kid and I remember a commercial 0026 ndash;. It was for some kind of cereal. There were two kids on the front porch of a house, a boy and a girl. The boy was playing with a transformer, but it was a transformer that I had never seen before. It was all purple and green and looked like some kind of bug That toy HAUNTED me For years, I swore it existed, but no robot nerd I knew could identify it


Once again, the internet came to the rescue and I found the toy on a forum somewhere Turns out that it is a bootleg of the Aura Battler Billbine It appears to be based off of the Tomy DX Billbine, but I can 0026 rsquo;... t be sure I think this one is a bit bigger, being about 12 0026 rdquo;. tall


I 0026 rsquo; m not quite sure who made it, but I have heard that a Hong Kong . manufacturer called Zima made it, under license, for sale through American retail channels such as Sears There were at least 2 versions made 0026 ndash;. this one, and one that has a teal / yellow / black color scheme

This Billbine bootleg is fully transformable between robot mode and Bug mode I removed and reversed the wings on this one 0026 ndash; I just thought it looked better The Macross stickers on this were. applied before I got it but DID NOT come with the toy Some kid must have thought they look neat, and I agree


A neat bootleg, but only for the hard-core. The quality is kind of crap, and the color scheme is odd. The thing for me is that it was a mystery solved. Sometimes that is the biggest fun of this hobby.

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