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I always admired the costume and character Denpa Ningen Tackle from 1975 Kamen Rider Stronger. One feature I like about 1970's tokusatsu programs is many of the costumes and art design still had a huge 1960's influence throughout. For me, Tackle has always been one the most rememberable of those 60's style costumes due to her cute and colorful Lady Bug motif, Go-Go boots and miniskirt, and vintage European motorcycle style helmet mask and goggles.
Bandai's Soul of Soft Vinyl series of soft vinyl toys has been revisiting many of these older 70's tokusatsu programs with Bandai already releasing Goranger, Kikaider, Arashi and Kamen Rider Stronger figures over the years. What is great about this series of toys is that it is sort of a soft vinyl version of Soul of Chogokin. SOSV series of toys are aimed at older collectors with highly accurate sculpts, subtle details, beautiful paint masks and legendary subjects all for $ 10.00.

When I discovered there was of SOSV version of Tackle I had to track one down for my collection, eventually locating one on Y-Auctions for 100yen! I was not disappointed when I finally received my Tackle in the mail from Japan.

Tackle includes:. 1X Tackle figure, 1X white antenna, 1x hanger card There are no options Please note that while most SOSV figures do not include. extra parts Tackle's antenna is included loose in a plastic case connected to the hanger card. If the card is missing and there is no antenna I would pass on the item as most likely it has been misplaced. Accordingly the only assembly required is attaching the antenna to the helmet.
dxtakle head

I am impressed with the beauty and detail the sculptor took when designing Tackle and all the minor details throughout when looking at closer inspection. For example the helmet is actually a clear piece that is painted to match the figure with floating eyes attached to the body. The result is a simple but very effective look of clear goggle on the helmet. I also like the fine details of the boots, from the zipper down the side, reinforcement leather panel seams and separately painted souls With all these great small details I have no doubts that the sculptor had access to the original costume for reference

The dress itself has a nice pitted texture to it with pleats and hemlines represented throughout. Personally I like the detail of the belt being folded behind itself on the back of the figure. Nice touch! The yellow flowing scarf also added a great visual to the figure and really represents an era when many tokusatsu characters wore scarves as part of their uniforms.

What is most important about this figure is the female representation in the figure itself. So easily Bandai could of sexualized this figure by heightening or blowing the proportions up but the sculptor choose to represent a very realistic sculpture of an average stocky Japanese female. This is rarely seen even in expensive dolls much less a $ 10.00 action figure. The result is you get a nice heartfelt tribute to the actor who played Tackle and kept the figure from becoming the typical generic female action figure.

Although I will say there is some nice Zettai Ryouiki action going on here!

My only real complaint is the lack of any real articulation, which is limited to turning the helmet, and arms, waist and boot pivot. This is an issue many collectors feel about Soul of Soft Vinyl figures but I feel this is a nice tribute to original soft vinyl toys from the 70's as frustrating as it might be. But the pose is dynamic and really stands out on the shelf.

What I like about this figure was how the sculptor balanced the realism of Tackles costume of just being a stage prop on an actor during the daily grind of a film set and the fantasy of Tackle's iconic henshin uniform fighting the evil armies of Black Satan. It all depends how you want to look at it. If you are an admire of 60's and 70's art design with a nice 1960's Go-Go appeal or a fan of vintage tokusatsu programs the price should not keep you from purchasing this inexpensive figure but I am sure you will more than pleasantly . surprised at this representation of Tackle as I was

2009 Article and photos Leonardo Flores Modcineaste 0026 amp;. CollectionDX

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