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battle fever robo

battle fever robo

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Battle Fever Robo is another quality entry into Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin line. It is also one of the Smallest SOC robots released, just a bit taller than Xabungle. In fact, Battle Fever Robo is almost exactly the same size as the original Popy toy.

GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

Battle fever Robo comes from the Sentai show Battle Fever J. In it, a multinational team pilots the Battle Fever Robo against the monster of the week. Originally intended to be a sequel to the Japanese Spider Man show, Battle Fever became a hit in its own right, and earning a place in history as the first Sentai show to feature a giant robot.

 GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

This SOC version of battle Fever Robo is a faithful recreation of the character from the show. It looks equally like a guy in a suit and a giant robot. It is both chogokin and action figure. It is awesome.

 GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

Battle Fever Robo comes in a box measuring 24.3 x 20.3 x 7.5 cm and weighing in at 620g. Upon opening the box, you are presented with a styrofoam tray (yes!), a tray for the accessories and a tray for the stand parts. The accessory tray has an additional cover of decorative die cut cardboard, with windows and names of each accessory.

Display Stand

The stand comes in pieces, and there aren’t any instructions as to how to assemble it. Fortunately, it’s easy to figure out based on the box art. The nameplate is engraved, and there are grooves cut out to position Battle Fever Robo’s feet. Pegs on the back hold the extra fists. Each one of Battle Fever Robo’s accessories can fit on the stand – nothing is left in the package.

 GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

Battle Fever Robo comes with an impressive array of SOLID METAL weapons. That’s right; each weapon is made out of metal. The weapons alone are amazing. Included are:

Knuckle Puncher (2)Fever AxeSword Fever (2)Stick AttackerCane KnockerAttack LancerLightning Sword katana w/scabbardBattle ShieldBattle Fever Robo

Ok, so it’s not the biggest SOC, and it doesn’t have the highest metal content. But it is awesome nonetheless. The head crest, upper chest and legs are all metal, giving the toy enough weight to make it feel good in your hand.

GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

The head is an interesting part. The metal horns are a nice touch, but it’s the neck system that is really unique for an SOC. It’s a rubber tube, anchored to the body at one end, and the other accepts the ball on the bottom of the head. The result is a particularly lifelike range of emotion, but I wonder about the long term durability of this part. Will the rubber dry up and rot away? Only time will tell.

The body contains a chest joint and a waist joint. The arms attach at the shoulder with a multi position joint underneath flexible shoulder pads. The forearms have small compartments that contain Battle Fever Robo’s Chain Crusher. Each chain has a small spring loaded clasp at the end for attachment to weapons such as the Attack Lancer.

GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

The legs appear to be metal, aside from the armor and the feet. 2 yellow holsters on the legs can hold the Sword Fever Attack Knives.

Battle Fever Robo also comes with 7 hands in varying positions. The hands feel sturdy, and I had no problems with them whatsoever. Putting the metal weapons in them requires a bit of effort, and sometimes the hands pop off their pegs, but they snap back on.

Overall, I am ecstatic about Battle Fever Robo. He is fun to play with, has a ton of accessories and is solidly built. He also looks badass.

 GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

Unfortunately, Battle Fever Robo cannot fit inside the vintage Big Scale Battle Shark. The leg armor keeps it from fitting in.

GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

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