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vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type
  • vf22s millia type

vf22s millia type

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Behind every stoic pretty-boy is a stubborn, hot-blooded woman. For Captain Maximilian Jenius there's his wife, Millia Fallnya Jenius. Together with her husband's custom VF-22S, Millia completes the legendary ace couple.

Almost every major Macross merchandising line has featured a pair of matching Max and Millia Valkyries. This is, however, the first time someone has offered their unique pair of planes from Macross 7. < / p>

Get your VF-22S Max and Millia types at Hobby Link Japan.

As a preface this review, I must say that this toy is nearly identical to both the Max type and the Gamlin type, and that's a good thing. So, without bothering to show the accessories, I will just say here that it comes with stand adapters, two gunpods, and set of Fold Booster parts.


The red on Millia's VF-22S is unique among the colors of her many VF-1J and Queadluun toys. Rather than a deep red, this craft is colored lighter and more anime-like. Indeed, this toy captures the look of the anime colors very well, and really catches the eye.


Included with the toy is an appropriately dressed pilot figure. It really captures the look of Mayor Millia's mature dignity and grace.


The VF-22S toy is a piece with real presence. Over a foot long in fighter mode, this figure displays well as a sleek, futuristic machine.


Much like the other VF-22S toys, the Millia type features streamlined ventral plates which give the fighter a real "nice body."

A note on the transformation: Please check out the video at the bottom of this review for a better look at how to switch this toy between modes I've done this for three of these things now There's a lot of.. good "ka-chink," "snap," and "pop."


Once again, GERWALK mode captures that uniquely Macross amalgamation of airplane and robot.


Battroid mode brings the union of Zentradi and UN Spacy technology to life as the famous Queadluun Rau and Valkyrie pilot uses the ultimate fusion of the two. The size, colors, and numerous tight joints make this a real centerpiece on my shelves.


Yamato did not spare anything on the details, as even the oddly colored "02" mark is visible on the head of the Battroid. The paint on the face is crisp, and the yellow visor completes the design.


Pop one of the twin gunpods into her hands and Millia is ready for combat on the ground. ..


... and in the air.


Of course, the real charm when you have both the Max type and Millia type.


Having both is the best way to remember love.

Overall, I am just really satisfied by the VF- 22S toys by Yamato. Now that the three official variants are done, will there be more? We could use more VF-22S toys to rival the army of VF-1 toys.

Thanks again to Hobby Link Japan for providing the VF-22S Millia type

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