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awing fighter (green leader, walmart exclusive)
  • awing fighter (green leader, walmart exclusive)

awing fighter (green leader, walmart exclusive)

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I bit the bullet this summer and did something I promised myself I would not do. I bought my first Star Wars vehicle, The Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon. I have been trying to stay away from Star Wars because of the overwhelming amount of cool stuff that is out. I knew once I started, I could be hooked. I must confess, I am a total toy druggie and the easy access of Stars Wars goods at local stores is just so tempting. I actually thought that I came away from my purchase of the MF without a screaming habit, I was wrong!

Scene cuts to last week ... I'm out with my wife killing time at a local Wal-Mart. Knowing that I have a problem, like a fool I decided to check out the toy aisle. At first I was not impressed, the usual generic fair of Americanized crap we give our kids for X-mas and birthdays. I was starting to think that I was OK and that my toy addiction was under control. I was sadly mistaken! I looked up and I saw the corner of a box just barely visible on the top shelve. All that I could make out . was Star Wars and Legacy Being that I loved The Legacy Collection MF, I just had to investigate

Today I will be reviewing my findings:. Star Wars A-Wing fighter with Green Leader Arvel Crynyd pilot figure. You may or may not remember Arvel Crynyd. If not, in ROTJ he was the guy that crashed into the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, resulting in the Executor crashing out of control into the second Death Star. Enough of the back story, on to the toy!

The toy is packed in a window box that looks very much like the packaging for the new Clone Wars toys. Note that this toy is a Wal-Mart exclusive .

The first thing I noticed about the A-wing is the detail of the paint job. I really like the shading and . feel it adds to the realism of the toy The toy is made of sturdy plastic and felt really light, but I'll get back to that later


Some of the features of this toy are, a highly detailed opening cockpit, movable side cannons and retractable landing gear.

Cockpit canopy automatically opens when you slide back the lever located just behind the canopy on the fuselage
greenleadersA5 < br>

The landing gear is manipulated using the gray lever near the rear left landing gear. Notice the cover next to the lever. It sorta looks like a battery cover, huh? My theory is that the original design of this ship may have included electronics. This may explain the lack of heft I mentioned earlier.
< br>
Lets move on to the pilot figure Arvel Crynyd. The pilot is highly articulated and very detailed. In my opinion the figure really complements the realism of the A-wing. My only gripe about the pilot is ... .. why no gun Hasbro? I mean how hard would it have been to include a gun for the guy.

In conclusion, I really like this toy. However, I really would have enjoyed it more if it had some electronics for added play value. Oh, and lets not forget a gun for the pilot.

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