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astrotrain transformers classics deluxe
  • astrotrain transformers classics deluxe
  • astrotrain transformers classics deluxe

astrotrain transformers classics deluxe

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There can be few things more impressive and more anticipated than an updated, well-articulated Astrotrain. Apart from having one of the all-time coolest Transformer names, he was one of the original Triple Changers, and like the original Astrotrain, the new version transforms from train to space shuttle to robot. He seems to be following a color scheme mixing that of the Japanese and American versions. His head sculpt strongly favors his stylized cartoon counterpart. His articulation level seems equivalent to the Cybertron line. Hes equipped with his massive ionic displacer rifle.

The original Astrotrain had a slightly more sinister presence than many of his Decepticon cohorts. During the original cartoon, he used Starscream as a convenient flunky, and in once instance both he and Blitzwing declared their own Decepticon factions. During Transformers: The Movie, Astrotrain was the beleaguered transport used to return the battle-ragged Decepticons back to Cybertron. In his new Classics profile, Astrotrain is similarly described as a transport vehicle---though a reluctant one in that he prefers merciless combat to his default function.

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