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es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3
  • es gokin getter 3

es gokin getter 3

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OK, so I 'm pretty happy with this last release of the ES Gokin Getter trio. Getter 1 and Getter 2 were really nice and had electronic gimmicks. This third release is simple and nice, but has no electronic gimmick. However, it displays well with his other two friends. It was not until I started posing the figure for this review that I realized there were some things I did not like. It's like waiting a long time to date this really cool cute chick you've had you're eye on for a while, only to find out she has back hair.

Getter 3 comes in the excellent thick cardboard box with chrome number emblazoned on the front. As usual, the design and graphics are great.

The figure comes in a nice plastic tray. The top level, houses the figure and accessories. The lower tray houses an ES Gokin stand.

Here he is out of the box. He is rather small, but feels nice due to the amount of diecast. The torso and lower vehicle section is diecast. Paints apps are excellent without defects. Very jewel-like.

The face has no expression at all. He just has a cool "I'm a robot" kinda look. The head does feature very limited movement side-to-side and up and down.

The arms feel somewhat fragile but articulate nicely. A huge surprise for me was the multiple points of articulation for the "legs". I thought his tread sections were stationary but they actually move on joints and can achieve nice poses. However, the actual rubber treads DO NOT roll on the wheels. Either mine are seized or they do not roll. Bummer. < br />  

He does not actually come with any weapons, but he does at least come with a pair of open hands which are sculpted really nice

Now here's the part of the date where you find out the chick has back hair. Getter 3 comes with alternate arms which are longer and apparently attach to the normal arms to make them longer. Well, each joint, is a strange type of joint that is unnecessarily complicated and fragile. Constantly falling apart.The plastic used is very soft and almost every joint I looked at has stress marks. You know the type where the plastic turns white? Yeah that kind. I almost gave up attaching and reattaching the arms for the photos because I had to force the ball joints into sockets and watch as the plastic screamed in stressing pain.

In my efforts to capture a shot of the arms in use, I bit the bullet and attached the arms. Fortunately, nothing broke. However the ball joints actually deformed when being pushed into the sockets. Plastic was actually scooped off the sides of the ball joint when pushed in. However it held for this pose. I understand that Artstorm made these ball joints in this way so that the arms maintain some composure and bend naturally, but I would have been happy with good ol 'standard bend-every-which-way ball joints made out of better plastic.

It's pretty cool aside from the "back hair". I just would not bother changing the arms. It's not worth the risk of damaging an otherwise cool figure. I doubt the Getter trio will be reissued anytime soon if at all. So if you do not already own this, be prepared to fork over some good cash for them.

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