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ko Lead sulfide crystal

ko Lead sulfide crystal


Lead sulfide crystals are a Femaxian's best friendLead sulfide crystals are a Cybertronian food product, and are apparently delicious when combined with savory mercury sauce and flavorful iron filings as garnish for a tasty robot. They are, of course, poisonous and quite inedible for humans. The crystals found on Femax emit a greenish glow in the visible spectrum; this may indicate that they are formed from an unknown radioactive lead isotope.Lead sulfide additive appears to act as an anti-allergy remedy for some Transformers. Lightspeed must take some with his fuel or break out with a rust rash and other troubling symptoms. Fiction Marvel The Transformers comicsYou left a piece out!This article is a stub and is missing information. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.Retrieved from "http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Lead_sulfide_crystal&oldid=1023061" Categories: StubCrystalsFoodGeneration 1 substancesMacGuffinsTransformer cultureMarvel Generation 1

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