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armored glozam
  • armored glozam
  • armored glozam
  • armored glozam
  • armored glozam
  • armored glozam
  • armored glozam

armored glozam

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Armored Glozam (or Growzam) is part of Bandai's Ultra Monsters EX line of soft vinyl Kaiju


Armored Glozam comes from Ultraman Mebius

I got this guy for one reason - Metallic Purple Vinyl The thing looks like it's made out of the same materials my handlebar grips were made out of in the 70s It's stunning



While most Ultra Monsters have a number attributed to them, Armored Glozam gets the "EX" designation. Bandai assigns EX to figures that are not released as part of the regular numbered assortments.


Be aware that there are two Glozam toys on the market. The all silver one is the regular Glozam, and the purple one is the Armored Glozam.


The figure is cast in glitter purple soft vinyl with silver and red paint highlights. Articulation is the standard waist and shoulders.


Armored Glozam comes with a tag and a data card for the Ultra Monsters Daikaiju Battle game


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