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kenshiro final fight version

kenshiro final fight version

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This figure was provided by Hobby Link Japan.

Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken is the bar for which all protagonists are judge. He is filled with so much justice and manliness to the point of excess. When the injustices that plague the post apocalyptic world of 199X are at their peak, Kenshiro's rage causes his jacket to explode in a burst of righteous fury!

It is in these moments we get this Revoltech figure.

While technically this figure is meant to represent Kenshiro has his final duel with Raoh, it can easily represent Ken at any point in the story where the jacket comes off in time for an epic beat-down.


Much like the other figures in the line, Kenshiro is a solid toy that is brimming with detail. He comes with two heads with different expressions and three sets of hands posed as fists, open palms, and pointing hands. The standard Revoltech stand is also included. Really, it's an action figure to the core and the best way to show it off is by posing it.

< p> kenff2 

Everything from the bloody gashes on his chest and face to his infamous seven scars are replicated with nearly flawless paint. His standard head looks so serene. It is as if Kenshiro has achieved oneness with the world through ultimate suffering.






"You do not deserve to live beyond today!"


" Hokuto Ujou Mosho Ha! "< / p>


"Hokuto Hiei Ken!"


" Hokuto Zankai Ken! "

< p> kenff9 

This figure is an excellent companion piece to the Raoh Final Fight version.


Lastly, this figure came with a free pack-in mini Assemble Borg. It's kind of cool for its size but it only has two functioning Revoltech joints. The rest are fake joints that can only be rotated in their sockets. This is all I could do with the figure's two functioning joints . Oh well.

Kenshiro is another great entry in the ever growing Revoltech Hokuto no Ken lineup. A true manly figure for your shelf.

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