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fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
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  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears
  • fhr eh live ears

fhr eh live ears

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Bootlegs are a commonplace treat? In most surly and less-than-reputable shops, namely giftshops and dollar stores. I've seen a lot of bootlegs reviewed here and always wanted to at least see some myself in the wild... even maybe to own one. I was never blessed with such luck in the many years I was aware of boot legs (maybe the blessing was that I had not seen them). Would my bootleg search ever come to a close?

Well, yeah. After returning from a rousing Florida vacation, my brother presented me with Fhreihterpan, a wonderfully hodge-podged and Engrished bootleg, one all my own. And it was ! 3 / 5s Menasor, my favorite combiner Needless to say, the search was over and man, are bootlegs crap

Let's review:....

Packaging: < / strong>
This is the best part right here
Printed on this cardboard are all of the original G1 illustrations of the characters but recolored to be the limbs of Fhreiterpan instead of Menasor and Computron (very convincing). It's so nasty and gregarious that I can not help but love it.

 box front < / p>

Menasor not

And on the back are the instructions for each of the little duders held within , printed on classic yellow cardboard with red ink

 box back

These instructions are a lie and a shame, but we'll get back to that shortly

. Background change! ~

The Toy
Fhreiterpan is a combiner, so let's split this up for a moment:

Brain Man (Dragstrip)
Firstly, Brain Man, a sorely simplified and dumbed-down Dragstrip
His alt mode is all right; I mean, he looks like he's supposed to and. ... his cockpit still opens Only his back wheels move, though, and those stickers fly right off He's just a lump of orange plastic

 BM Front

< span style = "color: # 888888; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17.280000686645508px; text-align: center;">  BM Back

Robot mode is suffering The only thing left for his transformation is to flip his hood down No arms or.. . leg extension to be seen Rubbish but not the worst

BM Alt Front

 BM Alt Back

Barrack (Breakdown)
Barrack actually looks pretty good in his alt mode Almost all of his colors are there and. . are pretty okay looking He's just a little, simple car guy

Bar Front

 Bar Back

Now, when I say" little, simple car guy, "I mean it Barrack does not transform
At all
He's just a... ! Dollar Store matchbox car
The only thing that's remotely "transformers" about Barrack is that his combiner pole flips out

 Bar Alt

Poor little guy

Artillerist (Nosecone)
Actually from Computron, little Artillerist here is just like his brothers:. simplified and nasty

 Ar Front < / p>

Ar Back

All his detail is there and he's a solid figure, but the transformation to robot mode is not more than just tipping his drill up No arms or leg extensions

 Ar Alt Front

 Ar Alt Back < / p>


Shooter (Afterburner)
Little Shooter here is actually the best of the limbs (and also from Computron); he even comes with his own accessories We're breaking new ground here

 Sh Front

 Sh back

He transforms well, too (assuming you do not ever want those wheels above his head to come down or to, therefore, ever use him as a leg...) I was surprised. . with this one, solid and almost acceptable

Sh alt front

 SH alt back

Now remember when I said that the packaging was a lie and a shame
Well, the instructions purport that each of these limbs all fully transform Wasn '?. t I grieved to find out that none of them transform fully and poor little Barrack is just a normal car

Just awful

Skirmisher (Motormaster)
The main bulk and center of Fhreihterpan, Skirmisher is pretty much the snake's hips in this monstrosity of a bootleg. He looks the part and sports a good bit of paint and detail.

MM front

MM back

Skirmisher's base mode is also included

MM base

When transformed, however, Skirmisher starts falling flat, what with . unpainted and crummy plastic everywhere looks even worse here 'cause he's so much bigger:

 MM alt front

 mm alt back

Fhreihterpan (Motortron / Compusor)
The awful mess comes together Unsurprisingly rickety and. . awful, Fhreihterpan is a chunky combiner of yesteryear His arms move at the shoulder and he has a purple gun (but no sword, chrome or otherwise)

 FH front


Closing remarks:
Wholly unremarkable and ready to break in more than a few places, Fhreihterpan plain sucks Plastic is crap;. stickers are laughable;. is a kit bash Not much else to say
I think I'm done with bootlegs
<.. / p>

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