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amen rid k and g love

amen rid k and g love

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I admit I know next to nothing about the Kamen Rider series I 0026 rsquo;. Ve never watched them, and can barely tell one rider from the other What I do know about is Chogokin,. and as these toys are labeled as such, it was my obligation to check them out. Kamen Rider Gai

The Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Gai (filled Bian body University of surface LITE inter ? ga ?) comes from the series Kamen Rider Ryuki , which aired from 2002-2003. The toy is part of both the Chogokin line and the Souchaku Henshin line. It is also known as Masked Rider Gai Gai means 0026 quot;. Rhinoceros 0026 quot;. in Japanese

Shouchaku Henshin literally means 0026 ldquo; Armor Transform 0026 rdquo ;, and applies to most of the recent Kamen Rider and Metal . Hero figures The figure consists of an articulated basic body with snap on metal armor

Without the armor, the figure is very plain Most notable is the 0026 ldquo;.. pinhead 0026 rdquo; appearance of the head The head has. to be small to fit the helmet around it, but it just looks terrible like this. Kamen Rider Gai

Once the armor is on, the figure looks great. The armor is solid and holds tight. You can still pose it . pretty well, but a small amount of articulation is lost

Kamen Rider Gai comes with 1 weapon 0026 ndash; Metal Horn The right hand turns into a gauntlet with a horn on it Metal Horn

The packaging has some great Engrish on it: 0026 ldquo; You can attach various figures like weapons, armor and options 0026 rdquo;  Kamen Rider Gai

These toys came out in Japan, but were actually distributed in the United States by Diamond Comics Distributors.

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