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robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set
  • robot desk set

robot desk set

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The Enthusiast

Every popular toy brand or trend inevitably leads to a glut of what I call "ancillary product," merchandise which is related to the original toys, but ultimately just a lame cash-in . Like Transformers Walkie Talkies, GI Joe sleeping bags, or My Little Pony backpacks. Or school supplies. Pencils, notebooks, erasers, everything a child could use typically gets the merchandising treatment. Again, most of this stuff is lame, but occasionally one of these disposable items transcends its station.

This robot desk set (hereafter RDS) is one such item. Here's an anonymous, non-licensed quasi-toy which succeeds on its own merits despite its forgettable nature. < / p>

I know, dear reader, that you've thought to yourself: "sure, The Enthusiast is a hell of a writer, with a finely honed literary style, but what does he sound like "A total nerd, it turns out Feast upon my first video review I still need to refine the video quality, but here's my first attempt: (a no-prize for the first person to identify the intro / outro music )

The RSD has, admittedly, a very lame alt-mode. First of all, what does a" desk set "even look like? Certainly not like a half-transformed robot. But there it is, an awkward block.

 RDS side

 RDS bottom

The desk set features consist of:

< p> A pair of spring-loaded capsules which pop out of the chest. Pressing the buttons on the shoulder activate a pencil sharpener and a plain compartment. The clear tops will later look nice on the robot mode.


Each arm features a spring-loaded compartment In robot mode, this has a nice Rocket Punch feel

 RDS top

The two pods on the side slide off. Each features, yawn, another empty compartment. Kids sure need a lot of storage.

 RDS feet

Two trays pivot out from the body. The bottom tray contains a magnifying glass.

RDS m glass

The other contains four markers.

 RDS markers

To "transform" into robot mode, one attached the side pods as feet, folds out the arms, and pops up the head with a button on the chest.

 RDS bot front

The robot mode is unusual, but surprisingly strong. The arms are well articulated, with clicky joints at the shoulders and elbows, and swivel joints at the forearms.

RDS bot front 34

The details, sculpting, and decals are lively and sophisticated. The head reminds me of a Korean Acrobunch knockoff I once owned. Those big decals on the torso are all PUFFY STICKERS ! Is this the first robot with puffy stickers?

RDS bot back

 RDS bot side

I have a real affection for this guy. What a neat, funky oddity.

RDS torso

If anybody knows more about the piece I'd love to learn more about it.

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