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leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)
  • leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)

leaderclass decepticon megatron (earth mode)

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Two AA batteries are required to operate electronic light- 0026 amp; -sound feature within the toy, and should be replaced by a responsible adult . Two batteries have already been installed in the toy by the manufacturer, and may not need to be replaced immediately.

 'Transformers Animated' logo

Optimus was a young and optimistic recruit in the Autobot Academy, wanting to face off against real Decepticons in a battle as part of the Elite Guard. Unfortunately, he missed the war by a few million years, and eventually failed to pass the Academy. His ambitions and dreams crushed, Optimus was instead assigned command of a small maintenance crew for the tedious and boring duty of repairing and cleaning-up the Space Bridge network. But when the Autobot crew accidentally comes across the very powerful, life-giving All Spark which was lost at the end of the war, they are suddenly ambushed by the greatly-feared leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, and his own broken army of experienced soldiers in their search for the legendary artifact. The Autobots get away from the Decepticon warship, and Megatron is destroyed in a fluke explosion, but damage causes their ship to crash on an unknown planet. Optimus Prime and his crew go into emergency stasis lock for 50 years, and reactivate in the future underneath Lake Erie near Detroit, Michigan. The Autobots reformat their alternative forms to match those of Earth vehicles so as to blend in. As they begin to explore Detroit, they come across a human girl named Sari Sumdac, whose father owns the largest robot manufacturer on the planet. When she sneaks aboard their ship to see more of the transforming alien robots, Sari encounters the All Spark, and it rebuilds her electronic key card to carry many of its own powers. With Sari's help in understanding Earth's unusual cultures and customs, Ratchet, Prowl, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Optimus Prime swear to protect the All Spark from rogue Decepticons until Elite Guard reinforcements arrive.

As Megatron departed his warship to claim the long-lost All Spark for himself, that scheming, back-stabbing, arrogant, and incompetent traitor Starscream secretly planted a bomb on him, which then exploded while he was aboard the Autobots' defenseless maintenance ship. The blast threw Megatron out of the vessel, and the powerful Decepticon was lost as he fell into the atmosphere of Earth. Starscream finally had his victory, and claimed leadership over the Decepticon army, despite the mournful protestations of Lugnut who had just lost his rightful master, and the doubts of the other loyal soldiers aboard. But what none realized was that Megatron survived his plummet through the air ... sort of. His chassis crashed near Detroit, Michigan where a young man named Isaac Sumdac was working in his wooden shack on amateur-built robots. Sumdac found a few scattered parts, including a hand and the head, but none of it was functional. He then spent the next 50 years reverse-engineering the alien robot's technology, using it to create a strong corporation called Sumdac Systems in the late 21st century. Without the human being aware , Megatron slowly regained consciousness, and learned about the highly-primitive human technology. Then he made Professor Sumdac aware of his existence, but he tricked him by saying he was a friend of the Autobots, and did not want his existence revealed until the two of them could make a new body for him. Over the next few months, as more Decepticons arrived on Earth looking for him, Megatron secretly experimented with Sumdac's robots, trying to make a more powerful body on his own, but all failed. Finally , his fanatically-loyal servant Lugnut was able to steal a poorly-protected key that had been modified by the All Spark from the Autobots, and Megatron used it to rebuild his recently-recovered body into a more powerful form. With the modified key card in his possession, Megatron can finally leave the foolish Sumdac behind, and go on to take the real All Spark once and for all. Oh- and smash Starscream's traitorous Spark into the next millennium ...


The voice of Decepticon Megatron is performed by veteran voice actor Corey Burton , who also covers Autobot Ratchet, and several other semi- regular 0026 amp;. guest characters- including a cameo by his better known G1 character Spike Witwicky- in " Transformers Animated " But he is currently known for providing numerous official voice recreations of a wide range of Disney characters in both direct-to-DVD videos and in the theme parks, as well as other announcer-like performances.

 Decepticon Megatron- vehicle mode (front)

Megatron's vehicle mode (back) is that of a two-seat futuristic twin-rotor heavy attack helicopter. Vectored thrust nozzles at the back end of the tail boom, combined with the side-by-side paired main rotors, eliminates the need for a small counter-rotation rotor in back;. but he still has two jet engines for forward movement along the top between the rotor nacelles Though it did not turn out quite as smoothly as I would have liked, his robot mode's arms are supposed to be widely-spaced engines and missile-launching pods which fit directly beneath the rotors. ( Unlike in the series, they do not actually launch anything in toy form. ) The cockpit has enough room for two human occupants (were this vehicle mode not the inherent form of a Cybertronian, of course), and the forward seat can just be made out below the transparent-red canopy. ( Indeed, in the season-one finale, Megatron . places a kidnapped Isaac Sumdac inside of the cockpit ) And below the nose is Megatron's trademark fusion cannon, now as a powerful chin gun turret

Decepticon Megatron- vehicle mode (rotors spin together at the same time)

For features in vehicle mode, there are plenty to go around; I'm putting off talking about the fusion cannon until later when I review the robot mode. To get it out of the way, he has three-point landing gear, though none of them are retractable in vehicle mode. However, if you remove the fusion cannon [and the attached part of the armor, which reveals Megatron's head], there is an extra landing gear directly under the nose which can be swung down. Now, here's the cool thing ... The rotors are connected together inside those nacelle wings via an internal mechanism. So, even though there is no motorized feature in this Leader-class toy, when one of the rotors is turned by you, the other one automatically spins in the opposite direction at the same time so that you don 't have to! ( Awesome! )


The other is the light -and-sound function which is limited to just Leader-class figures from the " ... Animated " line. This is accessible in both modes, and functions differently for both, but is activated the same way. In vehicle mode, when you press on the transparent-red Decepticon symbol on the bottom, several red LEDS around it and one in the cockpit will flash on-and-off several time. The sound of a jet engine powering-up is heard, followed by rotors turning, and then a power-down sound Now, here's the kicker:. if you hold down the activation button the whole time, the spinning-rotor sound and flashing LEDs will continue for nearly a full minute! ( In other words, if you can position your hands just right, you can get the sound F / X and spin the rotors both at the same time. Neat, huh? )

Automorph Technology is a special feature which was introduced in the " Transformers: Armada " (2005) line, and returned in " Transformers: Cybertron " (2006); though it was not called such until the debut of the toy line based on the first live-action film " Transformers " (2007). What Automorph does is- depending on which toy is involved- use a series of internal levers 0026 amp; gears, triggers, and buttons to move one part of the figure without you having to move it yourself;. it automatically transforms for you Sometimes, an Automorph feature will be electronically-powered, though this is reserved for special larger . sets only

For Megatron, there is only one Automorph features, though it's not identified specifically as such:

To bring the shoulders up against the upper torso, after the rotors are removed, the support wings are tilted upwards- bringing them to a horizontal position as opposed to them being diagonal in vehicle mode. The joint system for this is shaped like an "X" from the front- moving the right wing shifts the left arm, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, this mechanism does not snap into position in either mode, so when holding or posing him you have to be wary that you do not shift either one. ( Whether this is a quality control issue I can not say , but I have not heard of anyone else's snapping in place. )

 Decepticon Megatron- robot mode (front)

Megatron's robot mode (back) - like much of " Transformers Animated " in general- takes a lot of his inspiration from the original G1 TV series " The Transformers " (1984- 86). Several things come to mind. First, his coloring- dark gray, black, and red, with a pale face, red eyes, and a purple Decepticon logo on his chest. ( Unfortunately here, that logo is transparent -red. Grr ... ) His head features the same blocky helmet-like design and mouth, but adds some new things like vents and small circular details on either side of his jaw. His upper torso is broad, and has a similar shape in the chest to that of the original G1 character; though with some additional transparent-red details for effect on the toy The speaker for his sound effects is cleverly hidden in his mid-torso in such a way that does not add anything. that is not on the character in the series. The arms are entirely new, and are more oriented towards the " ... Animated " design-style. While traditionally Megatron's huge fusion cannon was always on his right arm- as can be recreated here- he is shipped out from the manufacturer with it on the left, which means that it can be removed and is interchangeable between them While no longer the separated grip 0026 amp;. trigger of a German-built Walther P38 [UNCLE Special], his legs, nonetheless, maintain a very similar shape. On his back hang the nose section, wings, and jet engines from the vehicle mode which do appear in the series in this fashion ( hence I do not consider them kibble ).

Megatron has some unusual posturing which will later affect his range of motion. The most obvious would be how he leans forward when standing straight. The problem, though, is that while his ankles tilt inwards very generously, they do not pitch forward or backward, so you can not do any fancy posing using his lower legs; just twisting at the knees However, you can see that by leaning forward like this,. he off-sets all that stuff on his back so that he does not become back heavy. ( I'm undecided if this is a good thing or not. ) Though his elbows are turned inwards, from a side view the entire lower arm permanently pitches forward; turning the elbows forward 90 only increases the effect Because of how high his upper arms raise, they come to within a hair's width from those wings;. and since there is no locking mechanism, sometimes they will bump into them when things accidentally shift around. So in some ways, his range of motion is a bit limited compared to smaller-sized figures. But, most of his joints ratchet, and there are no ball-and-socket joints to wear out quickly. His head, waist, upper elbows, wrists, and knees all free-turn, as do the little black hip guards.

< ... b>

For special features, this Leader-class figure has several The easiest one to use is the light- 0026 amp;. -sound Simply. press in on the red Decepticon logo on his chest, and Megatron -

says, " Where is the All Spark?" says, "Crush the Autobots!" laughs manically  Decepticon Megatron- robot mode (light-and-sount not activated)  Decepticon Megatron- robot mode (light-and-sound activated 

-in that order while the red LEDs in the cockpit, chest, and his head flash on-and-off. ( I'm still trying to decide if that's really Mr. Burton saying those lines, or a generic sound-alike. ) Each time you depress the Decepticon logo / button, there is an internal mechanism which moves Megatron's face- his mouth opens and his brow drops! His face only moves when you press on the button, otherwise it remains neutral. ( Unfortunately, if you try to make him 'talk' by pressing and releasing rapidly, you always get the SFX to activate. What I've found is that lifting up on the back of his head moves his face around without activating the effects. ) Another feature that activates only when you press the button is that his mouth opens, and his brow drops to one side a little! The second feature is his fusion cannon. Now this one actually fires a single transparent-red projectile, but to load it, you insert it, and then pull on the back of the cannon to cock it. Then when you press the tiny black trigger, the back of the cannon springs forward , and the missile shoots out! Also, as mentioned earlier, the cannon can snap onto either arm, but the preference is for the right. And the last feature is that both main rotors can transform into two separate hollow-center swords that can be ! held in both hands

Many people and longtime Trans-fans were once more greatly disturbed by the newest incarnation of those famous shape-shifting alien robots in disguise; for example, turning the famous Optimus Prime into a measly wannabe with no ambitions and trust issues, or the overall design style of merging 0026 amp; graceful lines / curves matching that of other recent cartoons such as Disney's hugely-popular " Kim Possible " (2002-2007). And yet after a rocky start in trying to win back the minds of the fans, the show has become a hit on its own as much as it is a tribute to the original G1 series from 1984. Plus, " Transformers Animated < / i> "is an original American series like" Beast Wars: Transformers "(1996-99) and" Beast Machines: Transformers "(1999-2001) before it, rather than being a dubbed anime production from Japan. The same can be said of the toys thus far in their initial releases. But as word has spread across the Internet, the toys have come to shine on their own- not just for their functionality, but for their absolute and striking similarities to their on-screen counterparts, which has never been as fully successful before- where proportions were usually off, colors were wrong, and functions were off or not mentioned. In other words, after 23 years, we are finally getting in our hands what we see on the screen in a way never seen before in Transformers history.

 Decepticon Megatron- robot mode posed (3) < / p>

This is unquestionably an homage to a legendary and beloved character, with so many of his physical traits carrying over from the original TV series and being used in a respectable way. That he was so popular, and has such staying power in the minds of fans says a lot as well. But then this version of the Decepticon leader has his own qualities- a twin-rotor helicopter mode, paired swords, and an "I'm not playing around anymore" aura. Perhaps my complaints might lie in his transformation and vehicle mode. I thought the tail boom was kinda weak looking, and could've used some beefing-up for such a powerful character. The transformation seems to be built around his torso- obviously it needed to in order to avoid messing around with the electronics therein, but it seems like a cheap attempt to get around providing us a more complex transformation. I mean, you need the fusion cannon part in order to cover the head! That's too old school for me as a likable come-back Same with the arms becoming weapon pods- if they could have extended further away from the body somehow, the transformation would have been more convincing;. not to mention having a [better] locking mechanism for that feature as well! I will say, though, that I really like how well the rotors turn compared to each other- they do not grind or protest like some previous figures from other lines did (* cough * movie Scorponok * < i> cough *) The feet are a little irritating that they do not bend back 0026 amp;. forth, but I can live with that What I can not figure out is why. they turn inwards so easily ! As to the electronic feature, I think they could have used a plain white LED, and then been able to use a purple Decepticon logo like he has in the series. While it's nice to have his face move around a bit, you can not really play with it without always triggering the SFX, which is kinda annoying. Closing this out, he's got a few quirks, but this Leader-class .! Megatron still rocks hard So go get 'im

- Renewing the Charge -

[DISCLAIMER:. This last section is not supported, advertised, or endorsed by either Hasbro, DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, or Warner Brothers Records It is a fan-supported effort completely independent from all companies affiliates with the 2007 film " Transformers ". ]

Not even a week after" Transformers "entered theaters on July 3rd and became a blockbuster, scores of fans were clamoring for a copy of the original musical score by Steve Jablonsky . However, WB Records said in an official statement that the score would not be released for the foreseeable future. In protest, a fan-supported < b> online petition was set-up to persuade the record company to reconsider. By the end of two months, over 5500 signatures had been recorded ( your's truly at # 1112 ).

Victory for the signers was claimed when " Transformers: The Score " was released in October that same year, containing just-shy of one hour of the original score. Jablonsky also personally wrote to the creators of the petition thanking them for their efforts. The CD would go on to become the 32nd best-selling soundtrack on Amazon.com at the time of its release.

However , victory was short lived. Because the CD was so popular, it disappeared from shelves rapidly, and was not restocked. By the end of 2007- a mere two-and-a-half months later- new CDs were no longer being produced, but were still being sought after. Reports of online price scalping were not uncommon when stores ran out, easily selling for double the original prices. ( Do not worry- I got my own copy in October, and loved every minute of it! )


Well, the folks at The Knight Shift who brought you the first petition have come back, and they are saying "Give the people what they want". I recently learned that a new Petition 2.0 is now up, and is accepting signatures once more. This new effort is directed at Warner Brothers Records, and is asking for an extended reissue of " Transformers: The Score "., with the potential for additional original tracks to be added


( Yours truly is petition signer # 563 .)

If you signed the original petition, I both thank you and ask you to put forth your effort on this new petition as well. If you did not sign the original petition, but got the CD, please sign this new petition. If you are a fan of Steve Jablonsky, please sign this new petition . If you are long-time Trans-fan, or you simply enjoyed the film the movie, then please sign this new petition. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the original CD release, and I want others to share in it as well.

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