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m evil difference k saka oh oh ah me andy m evil difference

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2008's Yatterman remake featured the DX Yatterwan who's launching gimmick fired small Bikkuri Dokkiri mecha from its mouth (bikkuri means surprise and dokkiri is the onomatopoeia for a skipped heartbeat). While the Yatterwan itself came with three small Bikkuri Dokkiri mecha, Takara Tomy also released a bunch of additional mecha sets for use with the Yatterwan, Pelican, and Angler. To see how these worked with the DX Yatterwan, please check Josh's review of the toy here.





< p> YMB07-16


The Bikkuri Dokkiri sets come in a small window box, with each set including two mecha a small stand with a ball bearing underneath for launching from the Yatterwan. These originally retailed for 300 yen, so they are more comparable to cheap gashapon / trading figures. On a side note, these sets have been sitting in the HLJ warehouse for so long that that the plastic tray had starting melting onto the figures and I had to peel off a bunch of plastic from them.











YM-B07 features the Mecha Kame (turtle) and Yosako Mecha (iron ball). These are essentially cheap little gashapon figures so they feature no articulation and soft plastic. While the Mecha Kamen is a pretty straight forward design, the Yosaku mecha looks like a combination of robotic tree branch tank thing with what I'm guessing is the iron ball hanging in a not so modest position. The paint applications are actually quite poor on these mecha, with paint running over many areas and not enough on others. The painted edges are also pretty poor and it really shows how much toy technology has improved in seven years You can not even compare the quality of the Bikkuri Dokkiri Mecha to a modern Cup no Fuchiko figure;. the paint, detailing and plastic quality of Fuchiko is just vastly superior <. / p>

The only reason anyone should probably be buying these figures is if you own a DX Yatterwan They just are not very good figures by today's standards;. I used my phone camera because I'm pretty sure proper lighting and a higher resolution would make these look worse. With that said, HLJ recently had a bunch of the sets on sale for 60 yen each and I bought them out of pity since they sat unsold in the HLJ warehouse for so many years.

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