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ad05 dinobots scorn
  • ad05 dinobots scorn
  • ad05 dinobots scorn
  • ad05 dinobots scorn

ad05 dinobots scorn


Name: AD-05 Dinobots Scorn Name: Pro version of the contempt Version: Ordinary Edition Official Price: Unknown Prototype: Unknown Toy Number: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Time of sale: Unknown Toy Category: Or category: AD series series: change the 4th edition of the manufacturers: TAKARATOMY official map of the physical map I have to modify my recent revision of the document found in the previous year according to the Japanese version of contempt, today sent to share with you on the packaging, You can see the entity, the back of the set map is very handsome look, will see the toy is not the same as the back of the 3c stickers, there are simple characters (it seems not clear) to take a closer look do not know why Version of the translation is howl, Shenzhen Jingyu, work can also have some Japanese description, the landlord can see the warning and pay attention to the two words, at most, there are small objects, do not eat it as snacks, will The dead look at the box inside the contempt, soon to open the package (forgive the picture slag) unpacking completed , Into the title of the handsome dragon-shaped multi-angle to a few show about the mobility of the run can be bent to pick up for the next swallow like anger, fire around the neck of the joints a lot of good mobility because of the relationship between the deformation So both sides of the asymmetric dragon fin is the soft material to see the details of the neck of the small piece do not know how to look at the tip of the people can see the skull is the robot's hand eyes bright and piercing like a tongue without a heel, sometimes Can not stand it does not matter, the landlord to help you solve the middle finger to pull over two small hands can only be two spherical joints tail is a large piece of soft glue, weapons can be a good drop hidden words back, the US version of the weapons is A piece of red, and the Japanese version of the weapon is a silver on the thigh of the joints are twists and turns because of the relationship between the packaging, dorsal fin bent a deformation of smooth, very comfortable to see the next look at the human form, with the film looks like a very restore The right hand is the leader, the left hand is the whole dragon tail mobility is still very good, put a few positions in front of said, the knife is a silver landlord can think of the posture can almost put out The package is not big, a look is not a university tyrants, even a school bag are not a small hand is not a very right to put the forehand is a leader, but also very momentum momentum carved medieval warrior style, and very simple knife in the robot form Can also be admitted skirt is a fake dragon mouth, no a button can be fixed dinosaur shape is also very easy to turn down there are heels, standing very stable, want to fall down on both sides of the board can be opened, there is a muscle expansion The feeling of toes is a medieval style This is a small finger hand type is not very good, like with a finger glove crotch is a spherical joint, very good activity to show how the last fire is how to achieve the first two high pieces (wallet Jun is not happy) fit! The top of the hand to move the mouth, the mouth is also open to pull the sleeve on the chin in the middle of the two and then put together so that you can make a fire Acknowledgments 78 Anime User octopus squid help in the exposing table activities to provide information similar to the page deformation King Kong version of the film 5 series of toys TLK series TLK-08 step deformation roadblock Transformers live version of the film 2 version of the series of toys Bo sent RA-25 Union-level brake Transformers live version of the film 2-day series of toys Bo sent RA-16 Boy Scientist Sandstorm Transformers Genuine Edition 2-Day Edition Toys Limited Edition D-Class Revenge Sonic Transformers Genuine Edition 3-Day Edition Bo Bo Daji DA29 Union-level Transformers Transformers Genuine Edition 4 Series Toys AD Series AD- 03 steel lock player works If you have this page about the surrounding works and posted in the 78 forum, you can click the right button to submit my contribution

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