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Sometimes my job is really, really good Threezero was kind enough to send us a pre-production sample of the upcoming Titanfall release -.. "Atlas" Atlas is due out for release late in 2014, but is up for preorder now at the threezerostore .

Atlas is the main mech in the Microsoft X-Box game Titanfall. In the game, you play a pilot who can either run around on his own or climb into a giant powered suit. You can ride in, or on, the Atlas. Its quite a cool and very popular game.

As this is a pre-production sample there is no packaging or instructions. I only got a crude set of photocopied pages showing where the batteries go.

Atlas is huge. Standing 20.5 inches tall, it's presence is astounding. It's 1/12 scale and includes a 6 " pilot figure.


The detail is amazing, with realistic weathering and mechanical tampo-printed details. Threezero boasts that the figure has over 100 points that move on the figure. Lets take a closer look at some of those parts, staring with the leg.

The foot in itself is an impressive piece of engineering. It's on a tight ball joint with several pistons. The toes move side to side and have several hinges allowing them to spread out.

 P8042867.jpg  P8042868.jpg

The back of the feet have two positionable toes as well.


The pistons are a bit short and can separate if you extend them too much. They are easily put back into place though. Oddly enough , the stabilizing arms on the side do not move at all.


The back of the legs feature three moving panels, and the front has one moving panel.

P8042871.jpg  P8042872.jpg

The knee consists of two firm hinge joints that give Atlas a chicken-legged pose


The hip joints rotate at the hip, splay outward, and also rotate at the upper thigh The panels around the hip are also hinged

 P8042873.jpg  P8042874.jpg  P8042875.jpg P8042882.jpg

The entire upper body is supported by a large spine-like shaft surrounded by working pistons and real rubber tubes The level of detail is insane

 P8042877.jpg P8042878.jpg < . / p>

Each hand is fully articulated with individual finger joints and a ball jointed wrist The finger joints are really sturdy and will hold a pose well

 P8042879.jpg  P8042880.jpg P8042881.jpg

The elbow has a nice clicky joint and the forearm rotates around a rubber sheath. Rubber is an odd choice for this part but it rubs against things in certain poses so I guess it makes sense.

Shoulders have two movable panels and the arms click out as well as forward and back.


On each side of the front of Atlas is a cloth bag with plastic supply cases. These cases will be held in by an elastic in the final production version.


The front of Atlas has a fully rotating optical eye that will illuminate when the feature is activated.


The front door splits open to reveal a detailed cockpit.

P8042889.jpg P8042890.jpg 
P8042891.jpg P8042892.jpg

The hatch on top can be opened and features translucent parts which will conduct the light effect. Also on top is a positionable orb

P8042894.jpg P8042893. 

In the game, the only way to destroy the robots is to tear off a panel and shoot out the power core. This core is represented on the back of the figure. Unfortunately, this being a pre-production version, the panel that reveals the core is not yet removable. In the production version, the panel will come off revealing the inner workings. For now only the handle moves.

P8042895.jpg < img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/759641-3/P8042896.jpg" width = "640" height = "480" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "P8042896.jpg" /> P8042897 

There's a ton of great detailing on the back, including exhaust ports and thrusters None of them are moveable though

 P8042898.jpg  P8042899.jpg

Because the toy was wrapped in bubble wrap instead of the normal foam, the antenna on the back got bent a bit. With a little heat it will probably straighten out.

P8042900.jpg < .. / p>

The panel on the back comes off to reveal the battery compartment 2 "AAA" batteries (not included) power the dual color LED lights

 P8042902.jpg  P8042903.jpg P8042904.jpg P8042934. 
jpg P8042945.jpg

Atlas comes armed with a huge XO-16 chaingun with detachable ammo drum.

 P8042935.jpg  P8042936.jpg  P8042937.jpg

< p> The panels on the side of the drum swing out and you can slide out the cylinder.

 P8042938.jpg  P8042939.jpg  P8042941.jpg

Again, the detail is exquisite.

 P8042940.jpg P8042943.jpg

Two of the three front stands on the gun rotate down, with positionable foot pads. For some reason the center pad does not move.

P8042944.jpg  P8042942.jpg

Fully armed, Atlas looks amazing It's just a remarkable figure

 P8052957.jpg  P8052959.jpg  P8052960.jpg

Sadly, not so for the IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure. This thing was so frustrating. I'm hoping my issues were chalked up to it being pre-production.

 P8042905.jpg P8042906.jpg .

The pilot figure looks great It's my first 1/12 scale figure from ThreeZero, and it has all the hallmark detail and weathering

 P8042907.jpg  P8042908.jpg

The figure consists of an articulated body with a cloth jumpsuit All of the pouches and armor are then strapped on around the figure

 P8042909.jpg  P8042910.jpg  P8042911.jpg

On the surface it's a great concept. But what i found was the various bits of armor and such tend to move out of place so easily or just flat out fall off.


The head and hands are on ball joints and fall off easily if you look at them the wrong way. They are just not tight enough and it gets super frustrating to pose, or to hold a weapon.


Still if you can get it together it looks very cool.


Another issue is that it is next to impossible to actually get the pilot into Atlas. The head and hands keep popping off and there is not enough room to maneuver. The large pack on the back of the figure does not help at all.

P8042920.jpg  P8042920.jpg P8042913.jpg  P8042922.jpg

In the game, the pilot can also hitch a ride on the mech. Numerous hand and foot holds litter the surface of the figure. Sadly, due to the hands falling off, it's very difficult to keep the pilot on top Lets hope this issue is resolved before the figure goes into production

 P8042924.jpg  P8042927.jpg  P8042928.jpg P8052968.jpg P8052969. 

Even with the flaws of the pilot figure, Atlas is well worth the money alone. He's an amazing figure and looks great on the shelf. If you can find room for it that is

P8052973.jpg  P8052974.jpg P8052985.jpg P8052988.jpg  P8052989.jpg P8052990.jpg

You can pre-order Atlas at the Threezero store.

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